Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fragments of the Last War 1.3

Eifer, Tirane, AC 9

Most of the party was away this week, so I converted Nota'Cor and Mal into Savage Worlds characters.  I thought the game played smoothly and Mal's player enjoyed his gunslinger's conversion.  Nota'Cor did not care for the magic system and liked his wizard in Pathfinder better.  Overall, they preferred the complexity of Pathfinder and we will be back to it the next time.  I decided though I will run short stories with alternate characters in the same fantasy using Savage Worlds.

Waking the following morning, Malpais, Nota'Cor, and Kryplis found the rain had continued throughout the night and the goblin Garek (or noblin as he insisted, not goblin) had left them, taking the goblin (noblin) armor and a quarter of the gold.

Angry, our trio decided to retrace their path to the cave and secure the missing food.  Morning in mid-summer, the rain was cool and pleasant. They moved quietly beneath the heavy dripping cork oaks.  Coming upon a meadow, the party spied a pair of orcs sitting under a lean-to.  In the trees above the orc-camp, Mal spotted a dozen goblins in the trees.

Creeping up on the orcs, the party engaged in their plan of attack immediately.  Their brutal success made me realize they needed tougher opponents.  Also, I don't think I'm as familiar with Savage Worlds. One of the orcs did manage to blow his signal horn.

They were then engaged by another group of orcs and goblins lead by a human leader (my throwback to Old School D&D.)  I'll say this about Savage Worlds vs Pathfinder: the fight went very brutal, very quickly.  Once they killed the orcs and captured the human, the goblins abandoned their allies.

Kryplis was wounded and knocked unconscious during the fight.  The thing about Savage Worlds is that he could have been permanently injured.  He wasn't but could have been.

Mal and Nota'Cor questioned the human who wore a brass trumpet around his neck.  Standing over him, rain soaking them all, they asked their prisoner why he was capturing wagons.  He told them he needed the food as he was excavating a shrine for his god.  Mal queried him on the identity of his god, but the man laughed.

Nota'Cor wanted to kill the human, but Mal felt they could use him as a prisoner to gain access to the cave and recover the food shipments. So bound and gagged they hauled the cleric uphill through the rain, slipping in the mud, to a cave.  Outside the orcs had built a corral for stolen mules and horses.

Leaving the cleric with Kryplis, Mal and Nota'Cor approached the cave entrance quietly, finding a group of goblins within eating the contents of one of the food containers.  As soon as they had attacked, several goblins ran deeper into the cave, yelling.

Kryplis brought the cleric into the cave and the group debated simply taking the food and leaving or clearing out the cave. Sitting, in front of the fire, Nota'Cor complained profusely about the goblin Garek who had cheated him at arm wrestling.

Eventually, the decided to clear out the cave and removed the cleric's gag to ask him about what they would find.  He said several magic words and vanished.  stumbling after him in they heard the sound of grating metal.

Approaching another chamber in the cave, slowly, they found a group of goblins defending a hole in the ground.  On either side of the hole, were metal sawhorses with pulleys and ropes that extended into the darkness.
Soon, the goblins retreated to the lower level, firing arrows at the party as they did.  As Nota'Cor, Malpais, and Kryplis pressed into the room they realized the hole extended two different levels down.  As the goblins, one level below them, withdrew into the darkness beyond Mal's vision something attacked and killed them.

The party (tired and injured) continued, sliding down the hole on ropes to the bottom.  There they were attacked by two orcs.  Mal attempted to disarm one with his tongue, but the orc grabbed it and proceeded to beat him unconscious. I was certain he would lose his tongue in the fight.

Kryplis and Nota'Cor forced the pair back into a lit chamber, the resuscitated Mal with a healing potion. 

They realized they were in an artificial chamber, dotted with pillars and artistic scrollwork.  Pressing further, they entered a large pillared room lit with candles.  Orcs hid behind the columns of the room and the human cleric knelt before a desecrated shrine praying; his trumpet glowed on the stone shrine.

Mal shot the trumpet, piercing the metal, and the ground shook.  Purple-blue tentacles reached from the shrine, grasping the cleric.  Screaming, he was pressed into the stone. The orcs ran past the party, ignoring them.  They ran to the elevator, where the orcs waited.  They each pulled on the ropes, raising the platform to the top.

The earthquake leveled the rear cave. Nota'Cor told the orcs to help load the wagons and he would spare them.  They did until no one was watching them, and then vanished.

With the cave sealed, they took the wagon of food north to Darvek.

The cave in this game was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons 3 adventure Unearthing the Past.

All in all I liked Savage Worlds.  I may have to borrow the Bennies in some form for our Pathfinder game.

Continued on Fragments 1.4

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