Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fragments of the Last War 1.0 - Volume One: The North Cymru Irregulars

It's been a few years since I've run or played a Dungeons and Dragons game.  The last time predated 4th edition.  Among my friends who play some version of D&D, Pathfinder was recommended as the heir to the 3.5 game I knew.  Picking up the Core book, I can see numerous improvements.

That said, I'm less interested in an edition and more interested in the D&D vibe, so I may use other editions throughout this campaign.

When I began contemplating this game world, I wanted to pursue more sandbox/collaborative play while couching D&D less as medieval fantasy and more as fantastical.  Earthdawn has been a favorite of mine for a few years, yet I've never had the opportunity to play or run it.

I wanted a D&D style post-apocalyptic game where none of the traditional species were dominant.  A world (group of worlds) where war and time have broken connections to the past. 

Ten-thousand years before the campaign begins, a war raged across heavens and earths as many species defended themselves against the coming of the Horrors.  Civilizations fell, armies perished, worlds rotted.

The lucky few hid away in magically-sealed caers, safely protected against the world outside.

Thus the lights of ten-thousand worlds perished.

Our story begins on the world of Eifer.  One of among the many worlds scarred by the Horrors of the Far Realms beyond the Dark Tapestry.

For the past century, caravans (led by the dwarves) established trade routes between the caers and the first surface dwellings in thousands of years.  But their numbers were small.  The main doors to the caers remained sealed.

Nine years ago - ten thousand years after the doors closed - the first caers opened to a world radically different.

Not everyone made it to the caers during the war.

Some survived on the surface on the surface, hiding in forests, mountains, marshes abandoning civilization for nature.

Some abandoned the surface world altogether for the vast caravans below.  They were changed radically by the experience.

New species emerged in the wake of the war, changed and evolved with magic and taint.

Eifer, like so many others, is a world wiped clean by war and fear.

The story begins with Fragments of the Last War 1.1.