Friday, July 24, 2015

The Funeral of Gustav Waecter 2

Earth, Oxford, England 1928

Continuing with the Funeral of Gustav Waecter storyline.

The Funeral of Gustav Waecter, part 1

The session begins with the characters seated around a table at the Bear pub in Oxford, England.  Andrew Waecter, brother to the late Gustav, recalled the first time he met his companions at a party in Chicago, four years earlier.


Earth, Chicago, 1924

Still a member of the Tete de la Morte, Rudy McGraw has become a moderately successful speaker on the occult circuit in the past three years.  His ramblings about purple crystals and giant tentacles not withstanding he is often invited to (and paid by) wealthy patrons looking to add a bit of spice to their parties.  His drinking habits have worsened.

That night Louis Mentur accompanied Rudy to the gathering as a guard and assistant.  Unknown to either, their old comrade Gustav Waecter's brother Andrew sought them out as part of an attempt to discredit Gustav to their father.

Katherine O'Reilly has been working as a nanny to the Elmore family for the past year, and despite her better judgement decided to mingle with the guests.

In the first act of the evening, Louis and Rudy meet Katherine again for the first time in years and exchange pleasantries.   Soon after, Andrew decided picked a fight with Louis and is swiftly beaten to the cheers of the crowd.  Then Rudy began his lecture on the purple crystals and the occult.

Katherine assisted in taking the coats from some of the guests and in the process found a medallion similar to the one worn by the attackers in the desert three years earlier.  She proceeded to warn Louis.  Andrew eavesdropped on their conversation.

As Rudy's lecture finished, the host John Elmore thanked him and then announced they have in their presence a German occultist who wished to read from a new book he had recently found.  As the occultist began reading a swirling circle appeared behind him and a pair of hands drug the man into the color.

The audience screamed in unison.  Louis began ushering the crowd from the drawing room while Rudy started opening whiskey bottles.  Katherine and Andrew arrived in time to see the long grey skin arms stretch from the portal.  Louis and Andrew attempted to push the arms back but the unknown creatures are took strong.  Katherine prayed and pressing her crucifix to the creature burns its skin.

Andrew and Louis, off balance, fall forward, their heads now sticking through the portal.  They observer an arid landscape with blue-purple lightening and an arm of gray-brown mottled creatures bringing long guns down a hillside.  They both step back.  

Rudy in a moment of brilliance finds the book and sees that there is a purple crystal embedded on the cover.  He smashes the book into the fire, closing the portal.

The story continued with The Funeral of Gustav Waecter, part 3

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fragments of the Last War 1.14

Earth, France, 1916

Trying out the Cortex Plus system.  Fantasy Heroic.  While I like Fate Core, I wanted to try Margaret Weiss Production's Cortex Plus.  So far, I don't grok it.

A bright June morning on the Western front near Switzerland.  Louis Mentur and two Tete de Morte soldiers sit around their extinguished campfire waiting.  The Captain - a British officer overseeing their conglomeration of regular and mercenary soldiers - had ordered Louis the day before to take his men to a spot in the forest and wait for a day.  The three discuss uneasily what their mission means, but Mentur assures them that they are probably waiting on someone coming from the German lines.

Suddenly, a bright white circle appears nearby, and Nota'Cor and a girl stepped through.  The adolescent woman the party had rescued was now a 7 year old girl.  Nota'Cor looked like a human wearing a generic World War I uniform with fake medals on his chest.

Their sudden arrival terrifies Louis' two companions.  One flees into the woods never to be seen again.  The other decided he wanted to shoot the newcomers, and Louis had to talk him down.

Nota'Cor and Louis then bantered, until Nota'Cor insulted Louis.  The girl (Gretel) attempted to get the two to attack each other.  Louis decided the girl had a point and shot Nota'Cor in the leg.  The swordsterer seemed annoyed rather than upset and suggested Gretel was not to be trusted.  Louis then patched the wound - fortunately a graze.

Back at the base camp, Louis introduced the pair to the Captain, who Nota'Cor found was the wizard Rista (now Captain Rista) leading a mixed nationality group under the guise of the British Expeditionary forces. 

Rista greeted them but seems surprised Mal, Grind and Alfonse did not join them.  He offered them gold and a song if they would find him some acorns.  He warned them "The squirrel is a liar."

After a few hours hiking east into the countryside, they found  a squirrel eating acorns and after threatening the squirrel - Gretel made the ground turn to taffy to keep the squirrel from fleeing - he eventually told them to follow a branch of the stream until they find a  house.  The entire time I keep a straight face because the squirrel has acorns he is eating.  Gretel is a candymancer, who can transmute some matter into candy and then make the candy do things for her.

At the glade they found a sunny garden, two menhir and an abandoned cottage overgrown in flowers.  There they meet a grey cat who took a liking to Louis and offered to teach them a song to find acorns if they help put his humans to rest.  The cat's humans had been killed in a battle on the farm nearby.

Louis now began drinking heavily and appeared to suffer extreme mental strain.

The trio rested the night in the cottage on clean straw beds and were brought mice (which Louis cooked).

Continue on Fragments 1.15