Monday, August 10, 2015

Fragments of the Last War 1.15

France, Earth, 1916 - The German-French front near the Swiss border

Nota'Cor, Louis and Gretel awakened the next morning from a bright flash.  The grey cat told them some people had arrived, so Louis armed himself quickly and hid just inside the door.  Outside he found a little person speaking French with a Spanish accent and a very tall Japanese man.

Nota'Cor marched out to meet/challenge them and discovered the newcomers were Grind and Mal in human form.  According to Mal, they had just stepped through the portal just behind Nota'Cor and Gretel, and were surprised to learn they were a day behind.

Grind asked what they were doing, and Nota'Cor told him a wizard offered them a song to get home if they found some acorns and the grey cat offered to tell them where to find the acorns if they put his humans to rest.  Both Mal and Grind agreed to help.  The cat gave them instructions again on how to find his human's farm.

Marching along the stream for a while, they came across a burned church.  Mal jumped in one leap to the top of the roof to look inside, causing Louis to shoot at him.  Nota'Cor attempted to stop Louis and was punched in the throat.  Inside the church, Mal found bodies of the priest and villagers hanging.  Louis insisted on burying them.

By mid-afternoon, they came across the cat's farm house back from the river.  Approaching cautiously they found the bones of a horse in the front yard.  Inside rifle bullet holes marred the plaster.  Searching through each room, Malpais found the children's room with a pair of books of fairy and Jack tales and a silk sack.

In the root cellar, Nota'Cor and Grind discovered human bones pressed into the walls.

Louis found the family's wine and began drinking heavily.  Gretel practiced turning the horse bones into peppermint sticks.

As the evening approaches, they notices that soldiers from the forest approaching.  Louis fired a warning shot, and Mal realized the soldiers had no weapons.  As the soldiers drew closer, Nota'Cor discoverd they are all zombies marching on the house.

There was a rumbling in the root cellar, and the buried bones came together in a giant bone creature.  Gretel animated the peppermint bones to a horse and leapt on it's back. She and Louis tried to drive off the zombies, but the more they maimed, the more approached.  Out back Grind and Mal fought the bone creature.  Mal leapt to the barn hoping to secure a wagon.

Inside the house, Nota'Cor was approached by a fae who offered to let them go if he played dice with her.  He agreed, she cheated at dice, and he lost.  Grind rushed into the house to find Nota'Cor enspelled.  The Fae offered Grind the chance to play.  He decapitated her with his cold iron naginata, then took her head.

Once he did, the undead dropped to the ground.  They piled the bodies together, burned them, rested the night and returned to the cat the next morning.  True to his word, the grey cat lead them to a giant hedge wall beyond his cottage.  They stood on a circular stone as Nota'Cor played the harmonica.  The hedge opened and the stone took them inside.

There they stood before a great grassy plain.  In the distance they saw a small village and a stream.  Further they saw a great tree with a gigantic axe stuck in it's side.  A giant skeleton hundreds of feet tall lay beside it.

The group isn't liking how they put together dice in Cortex Plus.  I hope this speeds up as we go.

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