Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fragments of the Last War 1.18

Cymru, Tirane, Eifer, 21OC 

We began with the session with Malpais, Grind, and Nota'Cor preparing for the Cymru Council interview.  It quickly became apparent that they couldn't decide as a group on what their story was.

The question before the counsel posed by Esteban Gracchi was whether to restore the Gracchi's to a Primun family instead of their remaining a Secun dwarven family.  He hoped to show he had actively undermined his father's efforts in Gilna's marriage to the human.

The four Primun families were represented by Boria Aurum, Pierre Ferum, Rene Gemma and Estelle Carbona.  Louis' player took control of Pierre and Gretel's Boria.  I kept Rene and Estelle.  Each council member took turns asking questions of Nota'Cor, Malpais, and Grind.  The player-run NPCs were much harsher than I was.  Tried out Atomic Robo rules for contests.

Nota'Cor gave conflicting testimonies and it seemed he intended to keep the lyre for himself and at the same time allowed Grind to sell it for booze.  Malpais talked about his hatred for humans and thus his willingness to betray Loren Gracchi.  Grind grunted the entire time and Rene Gemma claimed he could speak ogre and "translated."

At the recess, Estelle Carbona met with Malpais and offered her support to the vote if he agreed to produce muskets for her family.

In the end it was a hung vote -  Carbona and Ferum voted yes; Aurum, Carbona no.  The issue was tabled for further debate.

Later back at their headquarters, they collected Louis and Gretel and decided to meet the wizard Hawkin Jones who wanted them to clear out his basement.  They agreed and spent the rest of the night fighting their way through animated books and statues in the library - books which Hawkin later gave them; fighting suits of armor in in a twisting hallway; and nearly dying to lightening defenders in a room of gears.  Nota'Cor found a switch and shut off the gears and lightening - a great grinding halt came from the earth when he did.  Searching the room, they found an odd wall map.

Hawkin gave them gold and the map to go along with their books.

They decided to use the gold to furnish and supply their headquarters.

Continued on Fragments 1.19