Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Zoog Deep Song

In addition to the GURPS Basic Set: Characters book, creating this power was informed by both GURPS Powers and GURPS Psionic Powers.

As it was not mentioned during my session write-ups, the Zoog was based on creatures by the same name appearing in H.P. Lovecraft's The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

The Zoog (the first non-human character in the game, run by Tali's player) had a special power where the music played from its nose flute could influence emotions and put living creatures to sleep.

Here I will discuss Zoog Deep Song.  A subtle power, it worked to bolster the group's morale - despite their continued dislike of the Zoog - and could, had the Zoog survived, been useful to the group in their relationships with others.  Too bad they found the creature hideous.

First I started with Emotion Control. Rather than use the Suggestion (IQ/Hard) skill as referenced in Psionic Powers for Emotion Control, I linked the Emotion Control advantage to Musical Instrument: Nose-Flute (IQ/Hard). I decided not to Link the power to Affliction (Sleep) as each would be a separate affect.

The basis of Emotion Control is the Mind Control advantage (50 points), then I added the Emotion Control limitation (-50%.)  The power only works to influence emotions rather than a form of domination.  I added an enhancement Rationalization (+20%) to demonstrate that those effected by the power had did not realize they were effected.  I then added the limitation Essence (-10%), which serves as my psionic or magic limitation.  I added a cost of 2 Fatigue Points for use (-10%) and the Short Range 1 limitation (-10%).

This gave me Zoog Deep Song for 20 Points. (Mind Control 50 (Emotion Control -50%, Rationalization +20%, Essence -10%, Requires Fatigue Points -10%, Short Range 1 -10%)

Other than creating my own powers for the Fragments of the Last War campaign just as it went on hiatus (or really ended as most of the original players have left), this marked my first foray into power design.

As I borrowed many traits from Psionic Powers, I will see how  I do working on my own Affliction Power for the Sleep ability

Additionally, I created something of an Illusion power for Alfred Church even if I am not totally happy with it.


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    1. I did have to tell the group the origin of the Zoog this session and encourage them to read the Dream-Quest.