Friday, December 16, 2016

Zoog's Night Hymn

Previously, I looked at the Zoog's emotion control power, which I called it the Deep Song after Frederico Garcia Lorca and Billie Holiday.

For the Zoog's Sleep Power, I decided on Night Hymn after Longfellow though John Barrymore always tempts me. 

For the power itself, I started with Affliction (10 points per level) that also produces the Special Enhancement Incapacitation: Sleep that adds +150%  to the cost - now 25 points per level. (B35-36)

 Affliction comes standard (B35) with a range of 1/2D 10, Max, 100, Acc 3, Rof 1, Recoil 1.  I decided to best represent this, I would use Malediction at +100% to act like a regular spell (-1 per yard of range), but I wanted to limit it to hearing only.  Typically Sense-Based modifiers add +150% since they allow attacks to ignore DR, however since I have already added Malediction this will be a limitation to Malediction instead - Sense-Based: Hearing (-20%) (B106, 109).

This brings us to 31 points per level.

Then we want it to be an Area Effect (B102) at 4 yards with an Emanation limitation. (+80%) placing us at 41 points.

Next the ability is an Essence power - what I am using for Psionics or Magic - giving us a -10%.

Additionally, it costs 2 Fatigue Points to use (which means 8 Fatigue Points for the Area Effect) at another -10%.  This has the potential of being a one shot ability unless the Zoog gets an Energy Reserve.

I debated giving it a Limited Use limitation (-40%) but the Zoog is already pretty limited. I did decide to require a 15 second recharge so that the Zoog didn't just dominate any combat with a -20%.  (B120)

The Zoog seemed to annoy everyone with its music, so I later added a Nuisance Effect at -2 to reflect the irritating dirge-like quality of its song. (Powers 104)

Since the ability was a song, I debated whether I should require the Environmental Limitation (Air), but I decided the Sense-Based (Hearing) should cover it.

This brought the power to  Zoog's Night Hymn (Affliction 1 (Sleep +150%, Malediction with Sense-Based Hearing +80%, Area Effect - 4 yds +100%, Essence -10%, Costs 2 FP -10%, Nuisance Effect  2 -10%, Recharge 15 seconds -20%) [36/level]

This ability seems pricey for an area affect that causes sleep for minutes equal to the margin of failure and then stun.

Could I change it any more?

Does it need a limitation to only effect living creatures?

Maybe unless Sleep does that already.  Would it be different if I linked it to a Skill roll instead of an Attribute roll?

Is something inaccurate?

All in all I like GURPS Powers, but as Michael Wolf noted this took quite a bit or work and I still need to review it.

Just bought a new copy of Print-on-Demand GURPS Thaumatology, so I am going to play around with magic next.

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