Friday, February 17, 2017

Fragments of the Last War 2.0 - Volume Two: The Cymru Wardens

Volume One of Fragments of the Last War ended with the dispersal of the North Cymru Irregulars.  All original players have also moved on, so Volume Two will take place in the same universe, just after the end of FoLW 1.24, but will follow different characters.

When we left off the City of Cymru on the world of Eifer was ruled by a counsel of Dwarvish families and the Church of the Stone.  In the months following, Grind's breaking of the portal to the Horror dimension, a blight had formed some miles to the south, and the Church of the Stone began organizing a resistance to the creatures.

Consequently, the Cymru Counsel began recruiting for both the assault on the horrors and patrols to police and guard the outlying towns and villages in the area controlled by Cymru.

The story begins with the goblin Dinty, a follower of the butterfly goddess Desna and - unknown to most everyone else - a recent member of the North Cymru Irregulars.  Dinty had been on hand when the portal to the Horror dimension was broken open and had fled with the Irregulars.

When the Irregulars split up, Dinty returned with a caravan to Cymru.  Chastised by the priest of Desna for what had occurred, after a stink of penance in the temple, by the month of Equos Dinty decided to join the Cymru Wardens.  Due to his experience he was promoted to Corporal. 

Not longer afterwards, he ran into Edwina - a former street rat recruited by the Irregulars who participated in the assault on the warehouse. She had been arrested for theft and was being shipped south to provide manual labor in the assault against the Horrors.  Dinty recruited her into the Wardens.

Dinty and Edwina are to be sent north to the village of Melaotne where they would serve under the guidance of a paladin of  Desna. They meet the remaining members of the Warden party as they prepare to depart.


The first volume of FoLW began as a Pathfinder campaign, but quickly we tried out Savage Worlds, Fate Core, and Cortex Plus before settling on GURPS 4th edition.

This volume will be run in GURPS 4th edition and make use of Dungeon Fantasy.  I backed the Kickstarter, so once I receive my DF box we'll take a look at characters again.

That said, I am a fan of Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchman and all PCs will be created with the 125 point templates plus any 25 point or less race for a total of 150 point characters.  Duty and Patron for the Cymru Wardens will be added after character creation.

Dinty, as a participant in the North Cymru Irregulars and several operations, begins with 160 points.

Edwina participated in the Irregulars battle of the warehouse and begins with 152 points.

All other characters begin with 150 points.

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