Fragments of the Last War

This multi-volume Fantasy Campaign follows the stories of a variety of persons living or working in and around the city of Cymru in the years after the opening of the Caers.

Volume One followed the North Cymru Irregulars, first brought together as mercenaries on the planet of Eifer, continent of Tirane and then venturing to other worlds including Earth and the Twilight realm of the Fae.  It was played with a variety of game systems, including Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Fate Core, and Cortex Plus.

Volume Two follows the formation of the Cymru Wardens sent to patrol and guard the hinterlands of Cymru as many forces are drawn south to combat the Horror-Portal and creatures coming forth.

Our cast of characters (PCs and NPCs that have been part of the Irregulars)

Setting - Posts about the world

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