Fragments of the Last War - Volume One

The story of the North Cymru Irregulars.

FoLW 1.0 - Beginning a new fantasy campaign. Inspirations and ideas.

FoLW 1.1 - Our story begins.  Nota'Cor, Thanequeel, and Kryplis join a caravan to Cymru and save their wagon from attack.

FoLW 1.2 - The party is joined by the Gun-Knight Malpais and goblin beetle rider Garrek as they travel north to investigate lost food shipments.

FoLW 1.3 - Kryplis, Nota'Cor, and Malpais return the ambush site to battle the bandits, enter an underground cave and find a shrine to Iok-Zothoth.

FoLW 1.4 - Kryplis parts ways.  Malpais and Nota'Cor find Garrek and the party agrees to help the town of Darvek end a mysterious plague.

FoLW 1.5 - Malpais, Garrek and Nota'Cor are infected with a powerful form of the plague.  With Garrek unconscious, Malpais and Nota'Cor search for reagents for a curative spell.  Along the way they meet back up with Thanequeel and are ambushed.

FoLW 1.6 - Investigating a lake island, a witches hut, and some Grippli ruins, the party finds all the reagents and returns to Darvek for the cure.

FoLW 1.7 - Malpais, Thanequeel, and Nota'Cor return to the Grippli ruins with the ogre Halen to investigate.  They find an ancient wizard lab.

FoLW 1.8 - A teleporter in the wizard lab send them to the ruins of an ancient dwarven city where the party wakes a sleeping Horror.

FoLW 1.9 - Awaken from their encapsulated sleep by the wizard Rista, they learn ten years have passed since they ventured into the ruins.  Returning to Darvek, Esteban Gracchi hired them to investigate bandits near the lake.

FoLW 1.10 -Having awakened wolf creatures near Darvek, the party returns to Cymru only to find the city grown and very different. They meet with Loren Gracchi and are hired to protect Castor.

FoLW 1.11- Loren sends the party to find the silver lyre of Abbadar.  Taking shelter from a storm they are ambushed by hobgoblins.  They travel on to Auras to search for their contact.

FoLW 1.12 - Grind meets some ogres and leaves to find their camp.  Malpais and Nota'Cor meet the dwarf Alfonse, find a pixie, chase a silver-headed man, find a witches hut, and get scared senseless.

FoLW 1.13 - Grind takes over an company of ogres.  The party assaults a Fae stronghold.  They then pass through bronze gates into the Twilight realm to find a candy village with terrorized gnomes, a sleeping girl, and a silver door.

FoLW 1.14 - Nota'Cor and the girl (Gretel) meet Louis Mentur on the Western Front in France, Earth 1916.  The wizard Rista asks them to get him some acorns.  On the way they meet a lying squirrel and at a cottage they meet a grey cat.

FoLW 1.15 - The cat asks them to free his humans from the Fae and he will show them acorns.  They venture to a farmhouse, battle zombies and fight a Fae-witch.

FoLW 1.16 - The cat leads them back to the Twilight Realms where the party battled matryoshka dolls, nutcracker soldiers, and Louis has his eye removed by Rasputin the Mad Monk.

FoLW 1.17 - Rista teaches Nota'Cor a song for the lyre that takes them back to Eifer and Cymru.  There they find more time has passed and the Gracchi family has fallen from grace.  They claim the property Rista gave them, meet with Esteban Gracchi, and are attacked by mysterious wizards.

FoLW 1.18 - Nota'Cor, Malpais, and Grind go before the Cymru Council.  Later they plus Louis and Gretel meet the wizard Hawkin Jones and clean out his basement.

FoLW 1.19 - The Irregulars meet with the Cymru City guard about a job in the South Docks and run into an old friend.

FoLW 1.20: A Game for Knights, part 1 - The Irregulars investigate break-ins at the temples of Desna and Manoc.

FoLW 1.21: A Game for Knights, part 2 -The Irregulars stage an ambush to halt the break-in at the Temple of Abadar

FoLW 1.22: A Game for Knights, part 3 - After interrogating their prisoners, Malpais, Nota'Cor, and Grind share a dream, then assault the Dock Rat's hideout.

FoLW 1.23: A Game for Knights, part 4 - Following a lead, the Irregulars return south to the village of Auras and the wilderness nearby.  An encounter at a manor leads to terrible things.

FoLW 1.24 - The Irregulars return to Auras to heal and are offered a job by the Factor.  Conflict with roving bands of orcs and disagreements break the Irregulars.

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