The following are limited-run sessions related to the bigger universe of the Fragments of the Last War Campaign.

Tale of the God Killer - A group of friends on the cups of adulthood save their village from a monstrosity.

Posole and Home - a group of human changelings flee the Twilight Lands after a chance encounter.

Argonne, But Not Forgotten 1 - A group of soldiers - including Louis Mentur - on the Western Front in France, 1918.  Sent on a mission to find help, they encounter a strange phenomena.

Argonne, But Not Forgotten 2 - The soldiers press on, find a strange village, survive midnight attacks, and assault a strange ritual.

The Funeral of Gustav Waecter 1 - The survivors of the Argonne plus new friends meet in Oxford, England for Gustav Waectar's funeral.  They recall their meeting in Mesopotamia in 1921.

The Funeral of Gustav Waecter 2 - The funeral party recalls their meeting in Chicago in 1924.

The Funeral of Gustav Waecter 3 - The funeral party recalls an incident in Berlin in 1926.

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  1. It's weird that so many books cover the topic of war. The world is becoming more and more cruel. That's making me depressed.